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utrera flamenca mini

“Utrera Flamenca” (2003, Fods) con algunas colaboraciones familiares

perraterias mini

“Perraterías” (2005, Flamenco Vivo), producido por Ricardo Pachón

infundido mini

“Infundio” (2010, MRP Productions)




Tomás Fernández Soto / Utrera, 1964

Descendant of one of the great gypsy dynasties of flamenco singing, the Perrate de Utrera family. Great-grandson of Manuel Torre, son of Perrate de Utrera and nephew of Maria "la Perrata".

However, his first loves were for rock and not flamenco. He likes drums and the electric guitar. It was in 1999, during the celebration of a wedding, that he sang a little by chance and all those around him were so overwhelmed by emotion that since then he has embarked on the adventure of flamenco. His innate sense of swing comes from his early musical passions in life and his eagerly-awaited voice identifies him from the first notes. An undeniable presence does the rest.

Nowadays, outstanding dancers demand it for their shows. Such as Israel Galván (in "Lo Real / Le Réel / The Real" and "FLA.CO.MEN") or Belén Maya, among others.

He can sing an Argentine tango like Carlos Gardel or an American jazz standard like Louis Armstrong, but the soleares, the ones from Utrera or Triana, he sings them as tradition dictates.

His music is recorded and edited on the following albums:

  • "Utrera Flamenca" (2003, Fods,) with some family collaborations
  • "Perraterías" (2005, Flamenco Vivo), produced by Ricardo Pachón
  • "Infundio" (2010, MRP Productions)

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