by Leonor Leal, with Alfredo Lagos and Antonio Moreno

  • Artistic direction consultant: María Muñoz
  • Sound space and creation consultant: Jean Geoffroy
  • Artistic support: Natalia Jiménez

Before I fall asleep, I close my eyes to see me dancing.
I imagine the movements that sing to the space I rule.
I memorize them by their sound, I make the score mine and I draw it in the air.
The rhythm guides me towards the dream of a night full of life, of ritual, of illusion and of liberating transformation.

This proposal, that aims to enlarge my choreographic language, to explore a different musical format and to develop the sound and the space, focuses on the bodies, the rhythm and the pure guitar. On everything around us that reminds us of our own heartbeat. The natural materials, their textures, some useless objets or the table will be our combat instruments. The unaccompanied guitar, the percussion, the primary song, the dragging on the ground, the shoes or the voices that push us to send a call to other bodies, are brought to life on stage to create, through a common folklore, rewritten and revisited, a flamenca scene with multiple facettes. Nocturno, created to be played and danced in the night and full of references to other types of music and other places, is the story of the research by two musicians and a "bailaora" who weave together a path in insomnia, memory and longings, a journey sometimes playful, sometimes ecstatic or solemn, sometimes painful and lonely... Leonor Leal.


Leonor Leal Artistic direction, Choreographies & Dance
Alfredo Lagos Guitar
Antonio Moreno Percussions
María Muñoz (Mal Pelo) Artistic direction consultant
Jean Geoffroy Sound space & Creation consultant
Natalia Jiménez Artistic Support
Raúl Guridi Proyected images
Sound design Manu Meñaca
Lighting design Carmen Mori
Costume Carme Puig de Vall i Plantés, Viki Vassiliou (Lavique)
Diseño sonido Manu Meñaca
Artist residencies:  
  • Théâtre Garonne, Toulouse, France.
  • Artistic creation centre L’animal a l’esquena, Celrà, Spain.
  • Centro Cultural de la Villa, San José de la Rinconada, Seville, Spain.
  • a Pedro G. Romero
  • the entire team at L´animal a l´esquena and Mal Pelo
  • a Adela Algarín
Leonor Leal and A Negro Producciones (Cisco Casado and Raquel Gutiérrez)
Management and Booking:
A Negro Producciones (Cisco Casado)
produccion@anegro.net / +34 670 81 99 70



Nocturno - VII Flamenco Biënnale 2019 Nocturno - VII Flamenco Biënnale 2019   NOCTURNO NOCTURNO

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