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Flamenco Trane

A tribute to John Coltrane

Jazz, poetry, dramaturgy, singing and flamenco dance come together to pay tribute to one of the most complete, profound and generous human beings who have passed through this world. His companion Elvin Jones once said that during the years he shared with him he was convinced of being part of something beyond life, of having spent eight years of his life next with an angel.

The work we present is an account of a life that is a spiritual, artistic and emotional path that we could not do solely from the music, but with the careful introduction of elements that somehow and at some point are part of his work. Poetry appears in his masterpiece "A Love Supreme", flamenco in "Ole", the singing in the spiritual songs of his childhood, as well as humility, respect, curiosity for any artistic expression that helped him in his "mission":

The work represents the last 12 years of his life, his musical and spiritual evolution, by the hand of the two loves of his life: Naima (Ana Salazar) and Alice (Belén Maya). They take us through the different stages of his life: his first successes, his disappointment and fall, his struggle to overcome life, his deal with the universe to continue living, the commitment to return this favor in the form of love, the transformation, the resolution and the beautiful death. In between, the passage from one love to another.

This idea helps us to use art in the way that Coltrane taught us: searching for new limits without comfort zones, mixing cultures, mixing artistic languages, consciously risking ourselves to find new points of encounter between ourselves.

Juana Casado, with the artistic direction, helps us to give unity to this message. Jon Andión's poetry establishes a bridge between words and music. The dance of Belén Maya and Ana Salazar show us a loving relationship: that of their characters with the protagonist and that of the dance with the music.

Ana Salazar's cante brings Coltrane's melodies closer to another part of our hearts along with the lyrics of Luz Valenciano. Reinier Elizarde "Negrón" carries in the double bass his Cuban DNA giving life to the inner rhythm of the whole show. Marco Mezquida turns all pain into beauty with the piano. Juan Diego Mateos brings credibility to the flamenco component with the incomparable sound of his guitar. Dave Liebman is simply considered Coltrane's heir. That's it. Perico Sambeat has born the Coltrane seal since he was 14 years old, so much so that the alto sax sounds like tenor to him.

And I had this idea a long time ago and have only had the patience to gather the right partners for this adventure.

Guillermo McGill



Guillermo McGill: Drums and percussion

Ana Salazar: Singing and dancing

Belén Maya: Dance

Juan Diego Mateos Reina: Guitar

Marco Mezquida: Piano

Reinier Elizarde "Negrón": Double Bass

Perico Sambeat/Dave Liebman: Saxes

Art director: Juana Casado

Poems: Jon Andión

Flamenco Lyrics: Luz Valenciano

Sound space: Manu Meñaca

Lighting design: Dominique You


- to Javier Gutiérrez, from CICUS

- Juan Luis Valle, from RIZOMA

- Ana Torres, from the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco

Production company: A Negro Producciones (Cisco Casado and Raquel Gutiérrez)

Management and booking:

- A Negro Producciones (Cisco Casado)

cisco.casado@anegro.net / +34 670 81 99 70




Flamenco Trane Flamenco Trane

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