World premiere of TRES GOLPES in Nimes, the new project by Tomás de Perrate and Raül Refree

The world premiere of "Tres golpes", the latest project by Tomás de Perrate and Raül Refree, took place last January 11th at the Bernadette Lafont Theatre in Nimes, as part of the Flamenco Festival Nimes. "Tres golpes" is the homonymous title of an album signed by both artists; the first belongs to an old saga of gipsy singers, rooted in the musical tradition of a family settled in Utrera (Southern Spain), while the second is one of the most sought after musicians of the new Spanish scene, a multi-instrumentalist and a great producer of experimental rock. In Perrate's eyes, a meeting that is quite natural as it reveals the classic evolution of flamenco. On stage, the sextet oscillates between classicism and modernity, led by the dry guitars of Alfredo Lagos and Paco de Amparo, but also by the double bass, the percussions or the dissonances of a keyboard that explores new musical paths. Band members:Tomás de Perrate (vocals), Raül Refree (keyboards and vocals), Alfredo Lagos (guitar), Paco de Amparo (guitar and vocals), Miguel Angel Cordero (double bass), Antonio Moreno (percussions).

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