2nd Premier of "Flamenco Trane" by Guillermo McGill Group at the Madrid International Jazz Festival

On 26th November the second premier of "Flamennco Trane" took place in Madrid, a tribute to John Coltrane and latest project by drummer, composer and flamenco jazz reference Guilemo Mcgill. It was at the Teatro Fernán Gómez as part of the Madrid International Jazz Festival programme. The first premiere took place on November 2018 at the Teatro Central in Seville with Dave Liebman and Belén Maya as special guests. Noew, new elementes have been introduced such as the cajón, there is more improvisation and flamenco lyrics and the dramaturgy has been eliminated. The result is an even more vibrant and richer show. The members of the band are: Perico Sambeat or Dave Liebman (saxophones), Marco Mezquida (piano), Guillermo McGill (drums and percussion), Pablo Martín Caminero (double bass), Juan Diego Mateos (flamenco guitar), Inma La Carbonera (vocals) and Dani Navarro (box-drum and dance). These are some of the excellent reviews received: "Absolute genius", "an example of sublime rapport between artists and audience", "music of today that sounds like tomorrow", "Flamenco Trane" should become a reference in continental jazz, refuting the hegemony, for example, of the Scandinavian creative scene". We share with you the performance teaser: https://vimeo.com/383478838

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