Dani de Morón "thrills" the audience at the Auditorio Nacional in Madrid

Last April 7th Dani de Morón offered a concert of "21" at the Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid. He was accompanied on this occasion by great stars suchs as Rocío Márquez, Duquende, Pitingo and Antonio Reyes, as well as the rhythms of Los Mellis and Agustin Diassera.

Teresa Fernandez de Herrara for the World Press Agency and Begoña Castro for Flama, tell the story:

"Dani de Morón thrills the Auditorio Nacional accompanied by great stars": http://bit.ly/Daniestremeceauditorio

"Dani de Morón, what a concert!": http://bit.ly/Daniqueconcierto

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