Nocturno by Leonor Leal, with Alfredo Lagos and Antonio Moreno touring the Netherlands


"NOCTURNO is a piece in a single act, it does not tell a story, but speaks of impressions, moments and feelings. The stage is empty, it is simple, there are no accessories and light creates the space. If the paths that Leonor Leal takes on stage were drawn, this would lead to clear and geometric forms, she renounces all frivolity, dances several "palos" and moves with extraordinary ease from the traditional to the contemporary. The simple suit pants with white blouse also gives a clear signal: here you will see clarity, beauty and art at the highest level.

No more, no less. She returns to the origins of flamenco and immerses herself in a three-way dialogue with her two musicians, which has already been defined by the maestro Manuel Machado: "For a party you only need three people: one sings, another dances and the other plays".

But as this is contemporary flamenco, this principle can also be adapted a little: In NOCTURNO it's like this: one plays, another dances and the other has fun. All three have fun in NOCTURNO, but Antonio Moreno takes less than 5 minutes to get the audience into his pocket and is at least as good an actor as a musician.

NOCTURNO is also a piece in constant evolution, which is a fascinating process that Leonor Leal will explain tomorrow at the Rotterdam Conservatory.

These small trio formats started with "La Edad de Oro" by Israel Galván, with Fernando Terremoto and Alfredo Lagos, continued with "Afectos" by Rocío Molina, with La Tremendita and Pablo Martín and went on to "Baile de Autor" by Manuel Liñán, with David Carpio and Manuel Valencia.”

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