"Spellbinding performace" of Leonor Leal at the XXIX Festival Flamenco de Nimes

Her visit to this festival on January 16th at the Théâtre Bernadette Lafont deserved these words from Stéphane Cerri, cultural journalist of Midi Libre:

"The radiant flamenco of Leonor Leal"

"This Wednesday night Leonor Leal spellbound the audience of the XXIX Nimes Flamenco Festival with an original proposal based on rhythm.

Flamenco can take many paths. The one that Leonor Leal opened this Wednesday at the Théâtre Bernadette Lafont was rewarded with a standing ovation from the festival's demanding spectators.

Leonor Leal does not look like a flamenco dancer. Suit pants, a Liza Minelli smile, the naive and astonished look of Giulietta Massina... Nothing could be further from the typical Triana gypsy! And her flamenco doesn't remember any other.

The show is called "Nocturno" but Leonor Leal is radiant. She mixes flamenco, classical, musical comedy steps, has fun, dreams, plays with his two musical accomplices. Alfredo Lagos' delicate guitar and Antonio Moreno's amazing percussion guide her, accompanying her in an incessant and exciting game around rhythm. On stage, artists love to experiment: Leonor Leal is carried away by indolence, Alfredo Lagos varies the registers, Antonio Moreno gets sounds from anywhere. And this joy of being on stage, of being together is especially contagious."

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