"21" by Dani de Morón, among the 5 nominees for the Latin Grammy Awards in the category of Best Flamenco Album

"21" by Dani de Morón, his third album, recently released by Universal Music, is among the 5 nominees for the 19 Latin Grammy Awards 2018 in the category of Best Flamenco Album.

We share with you some of the many positive reviews of his album and its staging:


Manuel Bohórquez – El Correo de Andalucia (07/02/2018)

“We don't discover anything new if we say that he is one of the three or four best guitarists of the moment, with a very personal style based, in part, on the "Moron school”, although with much of his own style and that of other contemporary masters, with that "jondo" (strong flamenco flavor”) that characterizes him and some very original rhythmic backtimes and changes. All this with an overwhelming technique that allows him to develop very diverse “palos” (flamenco styles), from farruca in concert to truly great accompaniment bulerías.”


“Rocío Márquez, Antonio Reyes, Marina Heredia and Jesús Méndez are some of the performers who accompany Dani de Morón in “21”. They accompany, yes, and not the other way around, because that's the miracle of this album: that a guitarist has recorded a work of accompaniment to flamenco singing with names of that level and the star continues to be him. The quality of Morón's touch is beyond all doubt and all norms, because if anything characterizes him it is that he is unpredictable. His playing constantly surprises, and that's why we can say something about him that’s not applicable to other players at the same technical level: that he owns it.”

José Manuel Gamboa – Deflamenco.com (23/04/18)

"This ontology brings with it the luminosity of a true and fresh dialogue, a true colloquy of high quality between cantaor and guitarist, who, without abandoning his harmonizing role, shares the protagonism in what he says, now full of angles in the “quejío” newly discovered by the radiance of the ‘sonanta’ (flamenco rythm)."

David Montes – Masjerez.com 14/07/2018

"Save the date for yourselves. July 13th. St. Henry's Day. Day of remembrance. Those of us who were present will surely not forget it." "Big night of flamenco. The ones that stay in the mind. Of which everyone comes out happy."

Antonio Higueara - Cordobaflamenca.com (20/11/16)

Amazing night with Dani de Morón

"He demonstrated why he is one of the best guitarists of the moment accompanying the singing and claimed his role as soloist and composer with an impeccable concert that turned the theatre upside down."

"Dani de Moron has it all. Technique, virtuosity, harmony, rhythm, sensitivity... He knows how to accompany the “cante” (flamenco singing) like few others and expresses the sonority of the guitar to the limit. And what's more important, it has its own musical personality."

"A guitarist who is destined to champion the flamenco guitar playing of the 21st century."

Francisco Marínez Sánchez – Cordopolis.es (20/11/16)

Dani de Morón and the superb sound of the flamenco guitar

"To listen carefully to Dani de Morón in his solos is to delight in the refined meaning of the music we call flamenco." When accompanying the cante, Dani de Morón radiated what in amateur jargon is called “carat flamenco essence”. The guitarist in another plane, showing solvency and tact to treat each cantaor with the appropriate register. It was not only about the chord, the note, the falseta, the backtimes... precise and opportune, but even more important, to conform the suitable sonorous atmosphere for the good arrangement of the cante".

Alejandro Medina – Cordobaflamenca.com (22/10/16)

Dani de Morón, the flamenco guitar playing of 21st century

"Like his colleagues last night, Dani went to the essential sources to build a very personal language. In his hands the roots that define the flamenco guitar playing are accentuated. Dani nudes them and dresses them as he pleases, sometimes pointing to the skeleton of the playing, other times by disfiguring it with his particular frenzy; that violence that breaks in a thousand pieces the cadence, the compass, the harmony, and then recomposes itself with a disconcerting softness.”

Sara Arguijo – deflamenco.com (22/09/16)

Dani de Morón, the new flamenco guitar centre

"His incredible rhythmic and harmonic ability. The speed and strength of his left hand that sometimes seemed to have even more than five fingers. His way of playing with the times and the setbacks. His creativity and the worlds he suggests. How he remembered his land. His airy, melancholy, luminous, emotional, deeply suggestive playing. Its way of caressing the strings and grabbing the mast. The infinite sounds he extracts from the 'sonanta' (flamenco rythm)".

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