Premiere of "Soleá Sola" by Tomás de Perrate at the XX Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, with Inés Bacán, Paco de Amparo and Raúl Refree as guest artists

Premiere of "Soleá Sola" by Tomás de Perrate at the Teatro Central in Seville, as part of the programme of the XX Bienal de Flamenco. This time with three guest artists: Raúl Fernández "Refree" (who will be the musical producer of the recording for this project's album) with the electric and acoustic guitars, Inés Bacán sharing family tonás and lullabies, and Paco de Amparo remembering the bulerías of Diego del Gastor with Perrate de Utrera.

Good reaction from the public and divided reviews (the more traditionalist sector does not approve of this revision of flamenco vocals):

- by Juan Vergillos in Diario de Sevilla:


- by Sara Arguijo at www.deflamenco.com:


- by Isidoro Cascajo De La Barrera-Caro at www.guiaflama.com: https://www.guiaflama.com/noticias/tomas-de-perrate-sinceridad-y-ecos-jondos-en-la-xx-bienal-de-sevilla/

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